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Photo Boxes

A look at the world of photo boxes, the photography world, and more box varieties.

Your photos are based on a lifelong string of memories and need to be preserved properly in order to be passed down from generation to generation. Keeping them safe should be of the utmost importance, and if you can afford it you should get the best photo boxes available.

These boxes are made of many different materials and come in a variety of types. You can get containers made of leather, cardboard, polypro, vinyl etc., but you should look for picture boxes that have an acid-free liner to prevent your photos from yellowing with age. You can also get photo boxes that have acid-free dividers to preserve the quality of your photos and allow you to sort them properly.

You should look for photograph boxes that have solid reinforcing on each corner. You may end up stacking them and if they are not reinforced they may not be able to stand the weight and become damaged. If you can get boxes with metal corners they will be easier to stack. You can also get boxes that snap together if you want them to look neat and organized.

Photo storage boxes also come in a range of sizes. They are available in smaller sizes of 8 inches x 10 inches all the way up to larger sizes of 22″ x 30″. The boxes are designed shallow thus allowing easier access for sorting purposes.

You can also decorate your storage devices to make them personalized photo boxes. There is no end to the kind of decorations you can add to these boxes to make them your own. You can visit your local dollar store and check out a wide array of decals, patches, beads, and ribbons that will make these boxes stand out beautifully.

You can decorate them according to which photos you’re keeping inside. You can apply labels to these boxes to set them apart by date or category, or you can take a copy of one of the pictures from the box and attach it to the exterior, so that you can tell which photos are inside which box at a glance.

Many people purchase photo archive boxes to store their fine prints and other delicate artwork. These boxes need to be manufactured from an acid-free substance in order to preserve the artwork properly. Acid, which can be found in any wood products like paper can damage artwork by causing discoloration and yellowing.

Before selecting a box for this purpose you will need to take careful measurements to make sure it can accommodate all of your art. If they are too small the artwork will not lay flat and will become damaged. If they are too big then you’re fine arts may slide around which will damage the surface and edges of these fine prints.

Choosing which photo boxes you require will depend on both your budget and your preference. You can find very attractive picture storage boxes that are very sturdy and will last the test of time. Just make sure that you have looked through this material to see which boxes would suit you best.