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Baby Photo Contest

A look at the world of photo boxes, the photography world, and more box varieties.

Most parents would consider that their baby is cute and the concept of cute baby contests has been around for many years. In years gone by this would most likely have been done in person at a local fair or gala. However the rise of the digital camera has meant it is much easier to take and send pictures. A baby photo contest has therefore become more common in recent years and many of these are now held.

A baby photo contest is a fairly simple contest. The company running the contest will accept photos from the parents of children with the ages that are eligible tending to vary from contest to contest. In many cases babies of 12 months or younger tend to be included although in other cases ages up to three years or older will be included. Generally a panel of judges will select the winner and their decision tends to be final.

Many baby photo contests are run on the internet these days and if you want to enter your baby into a contest this can be a good place to find them. The Cute Kid is an example of a company that runs photo contest for babies and kids. The baby category is open for ages from birth to 12 months and the company has monthly winners with around $5,000 in prizes on offer. At the end of the year the monthly winners for all the age categories have the chance to be name the Cute Kid of the Year and the prize for this is $25,000 which will be put towards college tuition for the child. The judges for the cute kid contest are professionals from casting agents and talent scouts and entering your baby in the contest can potentially lead to professional work.

Baby Zone is another company that runs a baby photo contest. Anyone has the opportunity to enter their child simply by uploading a picture of their baby to the website. Eligible ages for the baby contest are birth to 24 months and if the picture is accepted it can be included in one of the weekly contest that is held. The pictures are shown on the website and anyone visiting the site and registering has the opportunity to vote for their favorite photo, with the winner being the baby that gets most votes. Weekly winners go forward to the monthly competition and each of the monthly winners is entered in the year end contest.

Other companies that run a baby photo contest include Kids and Bibs that holds a free monthly contest and Contest For Moms which also holds a free monthly contest. These can be good companies to look to if you want to enter your child’s photo into a contest.

If you have a cute baby then entering them into a baby photo contest can be a good idea. Many parents like to do this and it can be a fun experience for you and your child. As well as being fun, many contests offer prizes and if you are lucky you may find that your baby ends up with a few treats that they will enjoy.