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Cardboard Moving Boxes

A look at the world of photo boxes, the photography world, and more box varieties.

Moving is a difficult experience in itself, never mind having to travel around town looking for cardboard moving boxes. One of the things that many people do not consider during a move is the type of boxes they will need. Getting the right boxes can be an incredible timesaver when you’re moving and you will have less considerably less damage and breakage as well.

The boxes that you may be considering, such as boxes from the grocery store, are very weak because they are meant for one use only. The money you will save by using these types of boxes will have to be spent on packing essentials instead, such as paper and bubble wrap, to protect your valuable belongings.

When you are purchasing cardboard moving boxes you’ll have the option of buying boxes that are specifically made for every room in the house. All of these boxes will take into consideration what the average mover has in their rooms, and send out these boxes accordingly.

Take for instance your kitchen. You probably have a lot of glassware, crystal and breakable dishware. When you order cardboard shipping boxes you’ll be sent the specific boxes you need for these items to minimize breakage. Your pots and pans and heavy bakeware will need a different kind of box, and you will be sent regular kinds of boxes for miscellaneous items such as dishtowels, garbage bags etc.

For the bedroom you will get wardrobe moving boxes that make packing a lot easier. You will be able to take the clothes that are on hangers and move them right into the box. You won’t have to lie any of your clothes down flat, and you won’t have to take them off the hangers. Once you get to your new house it is just as simple to transfer the clothes from the box into your new closet. These boxes even come in different sizes: small ones for shirts and larger ones for pants and dresses.

When you’re shopping for these boxes you should have a good understanding of what you are looking for. Corrugated cardboard moving boxes have two strong pieces of cardboard with an inner pleated layer. You should choose a corrugated box that has a thirty-two ECT rating. That means that when this box is standing on edge it can resist thirty-two pounds of pressure for each square inch. This may not mean much to you, but when you think about the weight of stacking your boxes it becomes more real.

These cardboard moving boxes are money well spent. They will help protect your belongings during your move and you can reuse them later for storage. You can also consider reselling them or giving them to friends or family members that you know are planning a move.