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CD Storage Boxes

A look at the world of photo boxes, the photography world, and more box varieties.

In the digital age CD’s have become a popular style of media storage and they have a number of applications. They can be used for storing music and computer games and these are widely sold on the market. CD’s are also commonly used for backing up data from a PC. The variety of uses means that most people will have a collection these days and CD storage boxes are a simple way of keeping these safe.

CD storage boxes are basically small containers that are specifically manufactured to house CD’s. They can typically be manufactured from thicker cardboard or plastic, and while some are set up to hold the CD in its case, others include thin plastic sleeves in which only the CD is inserted.

The obvious advantage of using a box to store CD’s is that it keeps them better protected and less likely to suffer damage. Storing CD’s in one location can also help to keep a collection more organized and also reduce the chances of a CD being misplaced or lost. This can be important when backing up data from a PC, as if a problem occurs with the computer having the CD available will ensure that the data is not lost.

CD storage boxes can be found fairly widely on the market and there are a number of retailers that have them available. Target for example has an affordable black storage CD box available, with a 2-pack costing only $10. It is manufactured from heavy duty fiberboard panels which snap together to form the box. It is possible to store CD’s in the box in a variety of ways and it can accommodate 26 CD’s in their cases or more than 150 if the CD’s are stored in plastic sleeves. Target also has a number of other boxes for storing CD’s available and the cost for these varies from around $10 to $50.

An internet retailer that has CD storage boxes for sale is Improvements. They have the Easy Touch CD Storage Box available at a price of around $25. It is manufactured from faux leather and is capable of holding up to 100 CDs back-to-back in plastic sleeves. The box features an easy glide system, whereby simply pressing on the front of the drawer allows it to glide out in a smooth movement.

Other manufacturers that produce boxes for storing CD’s include Innovera and Pioneer. Innovera, for example, has a simple plastic CD box that can hold up to 150 CD’s in plastic sleeves. The box has a hinged lid which can be locked to ensure secure storage of the CD’s.

CD’s are a common item in homes and offices and it can be sensible to have a way in which to store these for safekeeping. CD storage boxes are one of the simplest methods of doing this. They can help to keep a CD collection more organized, such that they can be more easily found when needed and will also ensure that the CD’s are protected, such that they are less likely to suffer damage.