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Holiday Photo Cards

A look at the world of photo boxes, the photography world, and more box varieties.

There are a number of holidays throughout the year and the tradition at many of these is to send greeting cards to celebrate. While there are many styles of card available for the different holidays, if you are looking to produce a more personal style holiday photo cards are an option to consider.

Greeting cards have been around for many years now and they are traditionally sent during many of the popular holiday periods. This can include times of the year such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year and Easter to name a few. While most of these have their own traditional styles of card, a popular concept which has grown over recent years is the use of holiday photo cards.

Holiday photo cards are basically a greeting card that is produced using a photo of you, your child or your family. The card can be the photo only with an appropriate message of greeting for the particular holiday it is for. However, the photo can also be incorporated into a design which is suitable for the holiday it is used to celebrate. Most companies that produce them have a range of standard designs available which are suitable for a number of different holidays.

Many people send photos with their holiday cards to show how their family is growing. However, incorporating the photo into the card itself can be an attractive way to send it and can be a good idea to use for extended family and friends who you do not see very often.

If you want to use holiday photo cards to send a message of greeting to friends and family, the internet can be a good place to find companies that have the capabilities of making them. Minted is an example of this and they have a range of styles available that can be used for different holidays. To use their service you choose the style of holiday card that you want and then upload the photo or photos you want to use on the card. Costs to have these made will depend on the quality of paper it is printed on and the number of cards you purchase. Buying in bulk tends to be more affordable with costs starting at just over $1 per card.

Vistaprint is another company that can produce holiday photo cards. They can make these in a range of sizes and styles and one or more photos can be included in the final design. Costs for their cards typically start at less than $1 for smaller sizes and simpler styles, although this can rise to in excess of $1 for some of their premium line of cards. Other companies that can make holiday cards with photos include Photo Affects, Tiny Prints and Pear Tree Greetings.

Most people like to send holiday greetings to their friends and family and this can be done on a number of occasions during the year. Sending a more personal greeting can be a good idea and holiday photo cards are a simple way to do this. Using a picture of yourself or your family can produce an attractive card which will be enjoyed by the recipient.