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Photo Packaging

A look at the world of photo boxes, the photography world, and more box varieties.

Coming up with the right type of photo packaging for any kind of personal special gift can be essential, so that you can make sure that they get there in perfect condition.  When you’re sending anything through the mail you have to be careful, so that you can ensure it’s going to arrive in the same condition in which it was sent.  This is never more true than when it comes to photographs, as you have to take special care to ensure they aren’t smudged or damaged.  Especially because a picture can mean so much to someone, especially as an unexpected gift.  That’s why finding the right type of photo packaging is so essential, so that you can ensure your package gets from one place to another without any hiccups.

When you think of photo packaging, you traditionally think about the type of frame that they are going to feature, but it can also be so much more than that.  You really want to ensure that everything is protected in the right type of frame, so that you’re not going to have a problem with shattering, or the photograph being damaged. That’s why there are a few things that you want to consider when choosing the right type, so that you know it’s going to get from point A to point B.  That means considering first off getting the right size of envelope or box.  You want either to be just slightly bigger than the picture, so that it’s not going to jostle around, and that’s actually really important in the end.

But beyond that, what you’re also going to find is that you really need to be careful based upon the type of photo packaging that you choose for providing some padding.  A padded envelope that’s made from something like bubble wrap is usually a good idea, as the air actually absorbs most of the tremors and impacts that your items are going to suffer. But you may also end up having to give a bit more protection than that, with something like Styrofoam or even packing peanuts, so that you can really pack in the padding and make sure that your image gets from one place to another intact.

You may even want to consider how the picture is actually framed, so that you know it’s going to be built to withstand at least a bit of punishment. This means you want to consider going with an acrylic frame instead of glass, so that it’s a bit more durable.  It still looks the same, but is virtually shatterproof, and is guaranteed to survive just about any type of major misuse.

Of course either way, you also want to send your package through a quality shipper so that you know it’s going to be safe. Through shipping services like UPS or FedEx you can get special advice about your photo packaging, and even purchase special supplies so that you can keep your packages totally protected.  What’s more, you can get just what you need to ensure that all care is taken to point out your package as being fragile, so that it gets some special handling along the way.