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Royalty Free Photos

A look at the world of photo boxes, the photography world, and more box varieties.

Many people need photos for a variety of personal and commercial reasons. This can be for use on a website, preparing a magazine or document or many other types of project. With digital cameras being common these days the option is there to take the photo yourself, although many people do not have the time or expertise available to do this. An alternative can be to use a stock photo company and these provide various ways to purchase photos. Royalty free photos are one of the options available and this can be a good way to get the photo of your choice.

Royalty free is an option that is commonly available when someone is negotiating for the use of creative content such as photos or videos. In terms of photography it usually comprises a one-off fee for a license to use the image. However once this initial fee has been paid, royalty free photos can typically be used as often as the buyer wants without having to pay any further royalty payments when the image is used. Generally there is no time limit on the use of the photo and it is available for use by the buyer whenever needed. However, licenses for royalty free images can vary and it pays to check exactly what is incorporated in a license before purchasing a royalty free photo.

If you decide that royalty free photos are the best way to acquire an image for use there are a number of companies that sell these. Jupiter Images is an example of this and they are a subsidiary of Getty Images. They have more than 2.5 million images available for sale on a royalty free license and these are grouped into more than 50 different categories. Their website has a simple search feature which enables customers to search for the photo of their choice and with the number of images available they can be a good company to look to. Depending on the quality of the image the cost for these can vary between around $50 and $500.

Alamy is another company that has royalty free photos for sale. They also have millions of images for sale on royalty free licenses and a search feature is available on their website to find the photo you want. Again the cost for the images available will depend on the quality with prices typically in the range of around $15 to $500.

Other companies that have royalty free photos available for purchase include iStockphoto and Big Stock Photo. If you are a photographer looking to sell your photos under a royalty free license then many of the stock photo companies offer this opportunity. In most cases it entails setting up a free account and submitting the images for scrutiny by the company. If accepted these will typically be put on display for sale and this can be a way to get your work to a wider customer base rather than trying to sell the photos yourself.

If you are working on a project that requires the use of one or more images, then purchasing royalty free photos is an option to consider. By purchasing the photo under a royalty free license you have the option of using it as many times as you need and this can make it an affordable way to acquire an image.