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Wholesale Shipping Boxes

A look at the world of photo boxes, the photography world, and more box varieties.

If you have some shipping that you have to do you may want to consider getting wholesale shipping boxes on the Internet. A wholesaler buys strictly from the manufacturer and sells the product to a retailer. The operation is run from a wholesaler’s warehouse where he is stocked up on the goods.

When you buy directly from the wholesaler you are eliminating any middleman and can save a lot of money. They have large stocks that they move, and there was a long time where regular shoppers could not have access to these goods. The Internet changed all that by allowing wholesalers to market directly to the public. This translates into huge savings for you.

If you are starting a new business then you will need to order a quantity of boxes at the beginning to make sure that you can handle a large amount of orders. For the price, it is better to overstock than understock and lose sales. Many people that run an eBay business buy these boxes so they never have to worry about running out.

If you are not running a business you may be doing a lot of shipping to family members or friends that live far away. If you have children that are college students you may have shipping to do on a continual basis. It’s always nice to supply the children that are away for school with surprise boxes of goodies.

Even people that only ship on special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays could make use of having an extra stock of boxes around. How frustrating it can be to find that perfect size box for shipping when you need to get a present out the door at the last minute. As well, grabbing an old cracker box from the kitchen shelf does not give much protection to the goods inside.

Wholesale shipping boxes are designed to withstand a rush delivery and protect whatever is contained in the box. If you need boxes that are more heavy duty you can order these as well. Most boxes are corrugated, which means there is pleaded paper between two strong liner boards. They can resist a lot of weight and do not bend easily.

These wholesale shipping boxes are available in many different sizes and shapes. If you already know what you are going to be shipping then you can pre-select the size needed according to the size of the item. It is important to get a size that is as close to the size of the shipping item so that it does not slide around if the box is too big, and it doesn’t get damaged by being crammed into a box that is too small.

Most wholesale distributors sell only the boxes and not any extra packing material you may need. Some may offer these extra items as a sideline, but most wholesale companies deal with boxes and make their money selling them only.

Wholesale shipping boxes are usually manufactured in China and sent over to the wholesale distributors. As new stock arrives the distributors need to make room in their warehouse and clear out their old stock. You can keep your eyes open for great deals on the Internet for older reduced stock.

Whatever your need is for wholesale shipping boxes you can find them on the Internet. Even with the cost of shipping these boxes when you make your purchase, you will save an incredible amount of money if you buy them this way. You will also have the security of knowing that anything you ship will be well protected.