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Wooden Toy Boxes

A look at the world of photo boxes, the photography world, and more box varieties.

Most kids will typically have a collection of toys, and having somewhere to store them can be a good way to help keep a home tidy. It can also be used as a method of teaching a child about the benefits of keeping their room tidy. There are a range of storage options available and a good choice can be wooden toy boxes.

For those that want to use wooden toy boxes, there are a few options available. This ranges from a simple open top box which can be stored in the bottom of a closet to more decorative wooden step stools, which can double as a toy box and be put on display. They come in a variety of sizes from small to large and can be a good option for storing toys for a few reasons.

Some of the advantages of using wooden toy boxes as a means of keeping a kids room tidy include that wood is a durable material. This means it will be able to cope with the rough treatment it will likely suffer as a child uses it. It should therefore remain in good condition and fit for use for a long time. A toy box manufactured from wood can be a decorative item in its own right and it can be an attractive feature to have in a room. In many cases a wood toy box can have a lid and be large enough that it can serve other purposes such as a simple chair or table in a room.

Wooden toy boxes can be found for sale in a few locations and this includes both online and in-store retailers. An online retailer to consider is Toy Box City and they have a variety of sizes of toy boxes manufactured in wood. This includes a smaller toy caddy, which can be used to store and carry toys as well as larger, closed lid toy boxes and chests. The cost for these can vary from $34 for the smaller caddies to around $300 for some of the larger closed lid boxes. Toy Box City also provides the option of personalizing the box and a child’s name can be added to make it a little more decorative.

Toys-R-Us is an example of a retailer that has both in-store and online operations and they have a few wooden boxes for toys available. These typically vary in price from around $40 to $150 depending on size, and while some are available in both stores and online, others are available online only. A mid-priced example is the KidKraft Austin Wooden Toy Box which costs around $90. This is a large, closed lid box which is available in a few different colors including natural, honey and pink. Another retailer to consider for wooden toy boxes is Sam’s Club, which has decorative Disney Toy Story and Tinker Bell toy boxes in wood available for around $38.

Wooden toy boxes can be practical and decorative items to have in a child’s room. They can be attractive pieces which look good, as well as being a simple place to store toys out of the way to help keep a room tidier. For these reasons they can be a good choice of toy box to opt for.